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IAM 2009 Ratification Document for Fort Worth

IAM 2009 Ratification Document for Fort Worth Firefighters

IAM 2009 Ratification Document for Fort Worth Nurses


The 2009 Contract with Lockheed Fort Worth has been Ratified

April 19th 2009 Lockheed Fort Worth Contract Vote 
Vote Count Totals were:  1733 Yes / 889 No


Negotiators for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, District 776, and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. have reached a tentative agreement for a new labor contract.  We have scheduled a membership meeting this Sunday, April 19, to present the companyís offer to our members.  We believe the tentative agreement is fair and equitable.

In solidarity, 

Your Negotiating Committee


A Word From Your President....

Brothers and Sisters,                    

From the aisles of the Lockheed-Martin production lines to the negotiations near University Ave,
. We still are at the table, and there are still many open issues that MUST be addressed before we can bring a finished proposal before you to vote on.

The good news is that your voices in the shop are being heard. Lockheed has now indicated that several of the major impediments and roadblocks to reaching an agreement can now be resolved. Your Committee believes this WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT YOU, and we are in your debt, and proud of your Solidarity on the floor.


Having said that, we are still far apart, and the final proposal is yet to come. We have many issues on the table, and because of your voice, we are working hard to resolve the issues. We are not out of the woods yet.


We are having the contract meeting Sunday at 2 PM at the Cowtown Coliseum. We need our entire membership to be at this very important meeting. You made your voice heard this week, and now we need your vote. Donít let anyone else make the decision for you; make sure to attend to cast your vote.


We do not know yet if this will be a proposal we can recommend or not. We will certainly be able Sunday to go through the contract proposal and then make a recommendation to the membership.


The only way we could have gotten as far as we have is because YOU have shown Lockheed the power of your Solidarity on that shop floor. Thatís the way strong IAM contracts are negotiated, and you should be proud of yourselves. We know we are proud of you.


Now, we will continue to negotiate what we wanted from the beginning; a fair and equitable contract that we can all be proud of.


In solidarity,                                            



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A Word From Your Negotiating Committee....
It's Our Time This Time....
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